#52 The Dogs “Death By Drowning” – 52 Weeks of 2017 Albums

Norwegian garage rock straight outta Oslo (“our town, our rules, the smell of piss and power tools”) this record reeks with in-your-face street cred, integrity and raw power. No posing, posturing or pretty fake gloss here, nothing but high powered balls-to the-wall meta garage proto punk. Kristopher Schau, singing exclusively in English throughout all of the Death By Drowning‘s ten tracks, does double duty as both the band’s lead vocalist as well as main songwriter. Five other Dogs come to Schau’s aid in the construction of all 36 minutes of this graffiti covered piss splattered wall of sound including Mads Martinsen on guitar, Roar Nilsen (who also co-wrote, arranged and recorded the album) on bass, percussionist Kenneth Simonsen, drummer Henrik Gustavsen and Christian Spro on organ. Available from Norway through Oslo record label Drabant Music.

Rating: 7.5/10

Key tracks: Oslo, Where The Circle Joins, Stay Under Water, The Rain Held a Thousand Needles



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