#3 Ray LaMontagne “Ouroboros” – Top 10 Albums of 2016

As time rolls on there’s always that one special album of unique importance to emerge out of every passing decade that, for one reason or another, floats to the very top of the collective consciousness. In the 1970’s that record may very well have been Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd. In the 1980’s it might possibly have been Spirit Of Eden by Talk Talk and lastly it’s most likely that Radiohead’s Ok Computer is the record of note to have that distinction from the 1990’s. Only time will tell whether Ray LaMontagne’s blissed out “Ouroboros” album of song cycles will eventually end up being remembered as this decade’s special shining moment. If not, it’s certainly in good company and, if nothing else, should be remembered as a much sought after guaranteed chunk of cult classic vinyl.

Key moments: Part One, Part Two



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