#14 Paul Simon “Stranger To Stranger” – Top 20 Albums of 2016

Perhaps more than any singer of his generation, 75 year old Paul Simon’s vocals have withstood the ravages of time. Whereas most singers his age have lost either the power, potency or range of the once mighty singing voices of their youth (most notably Elton John and Paul McCartney) Simon continues to impress and astound in ways Dorian Grey would envy. Exhibiting the vocal prowess of a 20 year old, Simon lays down the sweetest sounding coy phrasings on Stranger To Stranger, all of which would not sound out of place on a Simon & Garfunkel record from 50 years ago. Every bit a continuation of 2011’s So Beautiful Or So What, Simon’s 13th album in a solo career spanning 46 years yields at least two instantly recognizable classics; Wristband and In A Parade. Now, more than ever, in a year that has so often compelled us to acknowledge mortality and loss, it’s important to recognize and embrace one the greatest living giants whose art we have been fortunate enough to be witness to in our own lifetimes. Future generations won’t be so lucky.

Key tracks: Wristband, In A Parade, The Riverbank, Insomniac’s Lullaby



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