#28 Band Of Horses “Why Are You OK” – Year End Countdown of The Most Notable Albums of 2016

It’s been just a little over 10 years since these bearded post grunge Seattle hipsters grabbed Sub Pop’s eye after opening for indie icon Iron & Wine on the Washington state leg of his 2005 tour. There have been numerous line up changes since, leaving group founder, front-man and chief songwriter Ben Bridwell the one single constant throughout. Their 4th full length since re-locating to his native South Carolina, “Why Are You OK” finds Bridwell and company inhabiting both the sprawling spacious dream rock of the 7 minute opener “Dull Times/The Moon” and the country stomp of songs like “Throw My Mess” and “Country Teen”.  Add a healthy heap of the usual fare fans have come to expect from Bridwell along with the cold calculation of the “radio friendly” (i.e. dull and uninspired) wannabee hit lead single “Casual Party” and there you have it.

Key tracks: Dull Times/The Moon, Throw My Mess, Country Teen



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