#34 Elton John “Wonderful Crazy Night” – Year End Countdown of The Most Notable Albums of 2016

2016 is best summed up in the words to John Lennon’s all too often overlooked mid ’70’s white plastic funk classic “What You Got” (“you don’t know what you got until you loose it”). As we all painfully aware of by now the list of 2016 losses is unparalleled. Which brings us to Elton’s latest record. By the sounds of it this will most likely be the final album of pop music released by the man who once categorically owned the seventies and beyond. After a 10 year absence Elton returns with his 32nd studio album in a recording career that has spanned close to 50 years. On it we hear his once powerfully impressive vocal range beginning to wain, ravaged by time and strain after all these years. An uneven piece of work to be sure but highlighted by glimpses and blasts of a once uncompromising past.

Key tracks: In The Name Of You, I’ve Got 2 Wings, Looking Up, Tambourine



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