Is Apathy Killing Music Today?

Most folks don’t really have much of an inkling as to how incredibly difficult it is these days to get people off their asses and out to shows. I don’t get it. When was it exactly where everyone got so fucking lame? Really? In my teens I prided myself in going out 4-5 nights a week. Of coarse there was no inter-web or smart phones back then and the little black n white TV I had in my tiny apartment had only two stations. I couldn’t afford a VCR player to watch movies so we went out. And we danced. We danced all night long to our favourite NEW music. Everything played in the clubs then was CURRENT, it was considered gauche, decidedly un-hip and not cool to get caught spinning old music back then (almost to a fault actually). This was long before the glorification of old music with terms like “old-school” and “retro”. Most folks just don’t understand how much time and effort and struggle and money goes into making music and putting on shows these days. I commend and tip my hat to anyone who has the gusto and enthusiasm to attempt this most daunting of tasks: to get people off their couches and into the outside world to co-mingle with actual human beings who are physically sharing a space, enjoying music, art, performance and dancing. Together. It’s a truly thankless fucking job.



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