Countdown The Top 15 Albums Of 2015: #7 – Bob Dylan “Shadows In The Night”

Who: Bob Dylan

What: “Shadows In The Night”

Where: Recorded at studio B in Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California where Frank Sinatra recorded.

Why: Although this is an album of covers made famous by Frank Sinatra from the great American songbook it is not to be confused with yet another blatant cash grab from an ageing unrepentant rock star (right Rod?). True to the heartfelt story-telling intention of Sinatra’s originals yet worlds apart stylistically Dylan strips these songs bare boiling them down to their raw emotional essence and reconstructs them top to bottom on a canvas coloured mostly by his gripping vocal interpretations supported by both Tony Garnier’s sparse upright bass work and Donny Herron’s haunting pedal-steel guitar artistry.

When: Released February 3, 2015



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