Countdown The Top 15 Albums Of 2015: #8 – Al Tuck “Fair Country”

Who: Al Tuck

What: “Fair Country”

Where: Recorded in Toronto, Canada

Why: In a career spanning some 20 plus years legendary East Coast troubadour Al Tuck released his 8th studio album since his 1994 début “Arhoolie” on Sloan’s Halifax based Murderecords and it’s amongst his finest work to date. Sharp and poignant as ever “Fair Country” finds Tuck swaggering through the barroom banter of “Dolled Up” and mining veins of gold in the Leonard Cohen country of both “Stop Hittin’ On Louise” and “Daddy It’s Dark” before tramping it down through the dustbowl blues of “Bootleg Whiskey” (reprised at the album’s conclusion in a far out streercorner rant from co-conspirator Gordie Roach). Make no mistake, Tuck resides comfortably in the ranks of East Coast poet giants in the likes of Gene MacLellan and Stompin’ Tom Connors and we are lucky to have him, let’s appreciate him while we do.

When: Released May 21, 2015





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