Countdown The Top 15 Albums Of 2015: #14 – Keith Richards “Crosseyed Heart”

Who: Keith Richards

What: “Crosseyed Heart”

Where: Recorded at Germano Studios, downtown New York

Why: Given the fact that Keith hasn’t released a solo album in nearly a quarter of a century and that the last Stones album was ten years ago we are prepared to forgive Richards for this bloated opus. Clocking in at just under one hour, we suggest a leaner stripped down 40 minute LP version of the album minus the two uninspired acoustic blues numbers (title track “Crosseyed Heart” and Lead Belly cover “Goodnight Irene”) and the two sleepy filler numbers (Norah Jones collaboration “Illusion” and “Just A Gift”).

Side One

  1. Heartstopper
  2. Amnesia
  3. Love Overdue
  4. Trouble
  5. Robbed Blind

Side Two

  1. Nothing On Me
  2. Suspicious
  3. Something For Nothing
  4. Blues In The Morning
  5. Substantial Damage
  6. Lover’s Plea

When: Released September 18, 2015






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